For permanence and long life we recommend the glasshouse to be stood on a base with
concrete footings of a minimum depth of 8 inch below ground level, subject to your local conditions.
A base wall (dwarf wall) can be built for the glasshouse but this is obviously
dependant on the proposed use of the glasshouse.

One of the main considerations is the eve height which is just below 5 ft.
If you’ll be working  the earth itself and require good light at this level,
then it may be an idea to keep the glasshouse flush to ground.
If you will be working on benching, you may wish to elevate the glasshouse on a dwarf wall.
You should take into consideration the height of the plants you wish to cultivate
 up the g/house sides.

When building the base wall or footings it is sometimes advisable to incorporate
some form of  treated  timber, providing a bonded  anchor point into the base, enabling the glasshouse to  be easily secured  during erection
If you wish to have a dropped door, we will need to know the dwarf wall height, taking
into account the space in the wall for the door
 (see picture of 20 ft wide glasshouse). Further info please do not hesitate to contact us

Looking after your glasshouse

One of the most effective ways of ensuring long service from your glasshouse is to give it a good wash at least once a year. This will check the growth of any moss or algae and also ensure maximum light for your plants/crops,  the treatment used is as found on most decking products, therefore a clear decking seal treatment is ideal to prolong the life of the timber.
It is also best to oil or grease the moving parts of your glasshouse annually,

particularly the door track and wheels, vent hinges, and gear.

Occasionally a touch of paint may be required on some of the steelwork, when it has not been galvanised.

A visual inspection once or twice a year to check the condition and strength

of the glass retaining wooden chocks/stops is also advisable (resetting any chocks/stops that
 may have become disturbed by strong winds or gales) .

Delivery and charges
Under normal conditions delivery is approximately  3-12 weeks
from receipt of a deposit of 20% of the full glasshouse cost.
(please ask at time of order for accurate delivery date)

Delivery within 30 miles of works is free of charge, thereafter £1 per mile
(one way, not round trip).

The balance of the full cost of the g/house is due on delivery.

G/house erection we recommend you use our  cost effective service,  as these  timber glasshouses are best assembled by experienced  persons .
The cost of glasshouse erection is 15% of  the glasshouse including all  accessories, on condition that your prepared base is readily accessible.
There must be a minimum 4’5” clearance from any hedges, fences etc, for glass insertion. If this area is not available, we need to know at time of  your order, which will enable us to machine the mid sections  specially with removable glazing beads ( an extra charge is made).
The base must be level and square, and clear of obstructions inside and outside of the

proposed work area. A note to remember, if your base is not easily accessible, further than 50 meters from delivery vehicle, on a very steep gradient, very muddy ( has been freshly rotavated / ploughed or excavated etc) or surrounded by obstructions  we will have to  make additional charges to cover for the extra time / labour involved.
(If you require the g/h erected during the weekends the cost is 30%  extra)  more details available @ time of ordering.

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