The 10 ft and 12 ft wide timber dutch light Glasshouses

The 10 ft and 12 ft wide range prove to be our most popular glasshouses, offering a unique growing and practical working environment the slopping  dutchlight sides and 3mm horticulture glass promote stronger, healthier plant growth. These models are extremely popular with enthusiastic gardeners, professional growers & botanical gardens . These glasshouses are almost identical in profile. The only real difference is in the wall section angle and eave height. Both models feature a ridge height of approx 7 ft with a standard eave height of 4 ft 11’’ on 10 ft wide or 4 ft 9’’ on 12 ft wide versions. The durability of the structure is achieved by sharing the same good solid woodwork  and storm proof steel work that is  used in the larger 18 ft, 20 ft and 29 ft wide clearspan glasshouses All models benefit from added advantage of having been refined over more than thirty years. The strength of these glasshouses is remarkable, especially when compared to others of similar size, this all adds up to you getting a building that will provide you with many years of dependable service.

Text Box: 10 x 20  standard dutch light  
(3048 mm x 6223mm approx.)
£3990  inc. vat  
Price includes horticultural 
3 mm  glass (toughened optional extra).
fully pressure preserved timber frame, which is  treated for life full width storm proof  
profiled steel reinforcing gables every 5 ft . 
Erection extra 15% on your prepared base. (U.K. only, Europe please ask) 
This picture shows following 
g/house options, 36” extra wide door @ £70 (standard door is 28”) also showing the door dropped extra £65 suitable for the raised base also shows the g/house with extra door @ opposite end @£160 and a 10 ft bench @ £100 see optional extras in current price list.
( g-house same as on front cover).

12’x15’ (3657x 4699 mm) standard dutchlight timber glasshouse £3350 inc.vat
4 roof vents as standard, door is a special ‘dropped’  (to suit your raised base, please see optional extras )

Aesthetically pleasing blending into your natural garden !

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