Large timber greenhouses/glasshouses  18 ft (5.4m),20 ft (6.0m),29 ft (8.84m) wide, any length available, individually made to your requirements.
Clear-span over a large area is advantageous to all growers.
Even light infusion, good light intensity, warmth of a natural wood frame,
All this helps towards healthy, early plants.

20 ft (6m) wide x
40 ft (12.34m) long 
£9050 inc vat.

The advantage of a natural wood frame  shown here, timber blends into your natural  garden
enhancing the
magical  atmosphere of your garden.

We make these large timber greenhouses/glasshouses to order,
our Standard range offer some of the most aesthetically pleasing timber glasshouses, suitable for professional & enthusiast gardeners
Features built in to all our standard traditional Dutch light glasshouses:

  • A Natural warm timber frame as standard.
  • All timber is fully pressure preserved timber which is treated for life
  • All models incorporate storm proof  full width profiled steel reinforcing gables
  • every 5 ft (1.53m) clear-spans feature, end section steel-bracing  panels, ensuring great structural strength.
  • All models benefit from added advantage of having been refined over more than thirty years, (the strength of these glasshouses is remarkable).
  • This all adds up to you getting a glasshouse that will provide you with many years of
    dependable service, and outstanding value for money.

29 ft x 50 ft
(8.84x 15.47m)
standard clear-span
dutch light 
£13,800 inc vat.
Prices includes
horticultural 3 mm glass, full width profiled steel reinforcing gables every 5 ft.
Erection extra 15%

48" wide door
optional extra
@ £100.

Picture shows 18 x 30  clear-span standard
dutch light
£ 7050 inc vat.
Standard Prices include horticultural 3 mm glass, full width profiled steel
reinforcing gables
every 5 ft
(pic shows optional dropped door to suit your base, extra £65 please see optional extras)


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