Glasshouses optional extras (prices include vat @ 20%)
As standard all glasshouses feature traditional 3mm horticultural glass
Toughened glass, 4mm, Plexiglas etc. is available @ extra cost
Please ask for a quote.

VENTS As standard two roof vents are fitted opposite each other every 10 ft, and are operated by casement stays or steel props.
18' 20' & 29' wide feature auto vent openers as standard.

Roof VENTS               £60 each
Side VENTS               £80 each
Solar powered automatic vent control  (temperature controlled) £38 each
(these are heavy duty triple spring control units

DOORS: 28" sliding door is fitted at one end as standard.
28" Sliding door at opposite end £205
Widend to 48" Sliding (20' 29' model) £ 100
48" sliding door at opposite end £270
Increase to 56" with double sliding doors  £290
56" double doors opposite end
Doors with a 'drop' (avoiding a step with a raised base) are an extra £90.
(see picture of  10 ft x 20 ft  model).

As standard all timber is fully pressure preserved with environmentally friendly ACQ  which is treated for life.
The timbers greenish tint when freshly processed will eventually bleach in the sun turning  a beautiful natural grey finish (similar in appearance to weathered green oak). The timber is European/Scandinavian redwood , from sustainable
eco-friendly sources.
Colour staining is available "Cedar wood" colour staining or any colour painting etc (of your choice)  is extra 20% plus materials @ cost.

PAINTING / GALVANISING: The steel work in the glasshouse is painted, this may require occasional touching up.If you wish to have the steel work galvanised this is an extra.

EXTENSIONS: Our standard glasshouses can be extended
@ anytime, even after 30 years of service.  Any length available on all models.

10 ft extension to 10 &12 ft wide glasshouses £1300
10 ft extension to 20 ft wide  £1580
10 ft extension to 29 ft wide  £2300
PARTITIONS Available on request (please enquire).
Lean to & Multi span glasshouses are special order only, any size any style.

BENCHING Robust 2"x 2" timber frame work  (free standing) slated timber tops.
24" wide (free standing to your preferred height) slatted timber
£12 per ft.
under shelf @£7 per ft.
36" wide (as above)
£15  per ft (not suitable with 28" door). Under shelf @ £9 per ft.
Other sizes made to your requirements
As standard all timber is fully pressure preserved with environmentally friendly ACQ  which is treated for life.

Glasshouse erection : extra 15% UK area (Europe please ask), on condition there is obstruction free access to your prepared level and square base.
we recommend your base be built with bricks/block with concrete footings min 8" below ground level. More details please ask.
G/house delivery free within 30 miles, thereafter £1.50 per mile. (one way, not round trip)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information ,
you are welcome to come along and visit us or send  for further information

Pone & Fax: 01945 410471 


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